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Movie: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Happy 2018


Distorted sound in Skype for Linux 8
Arch on Lenovo Yoga 910
Happy 2017


Programmable LED Light Strip
Daily Wallpaper from Yandex Images
Debugging JavaScript with Visual Studio Code and Chromium
My Favorite Code Editors for GNU+Linux
Movie: L'année dernière à Marienbad
Password Free Logins by Google
Icons: Slovenia
Perceived Problems of GNU+Linux
Movie: Hardcore Henry


Adieu Facebook!
Mainstream Media Scares Me
Raspberry Pi Basic Setup
Croatia: Dubrovnik; BiH: Sarajevo / June 2015
Movie: Stanje šoka
Technology, privacy, censorship
Movie: A Clockwork Orange
Russia: Moscow / March 2015
Xfce4 Skype Indicator With Genmon
On Reinventing the Wheel and NIH Syndrome
gvfsd not working after sleep
Movie: Lilja 4-ever


FreeBSD on Home Server
You're on Facebook, Even If You Don't Have an Account
Xfce Workflow 2
Half-Life 2 on GNU/Linux
Silly Problems: Out of Disk Space
eReaders and eBooks
PHP Console Application
Java: Too Many Levels of Symbolic Links
Force Restart GNOME Shell
Nano (Advanved) Commands
Ubuntu, Disable Extended Display
Install Yaourt on Arch
HDIPCAM Python Control
Blackwell Series
Running program in separate X display
Movie: Happiness
Prevent a Command from Being Added to the History
Movie: Sibiriada
Old Laptop as a File Server
Movie: The Last Starfighter
Change Permissions Only For Files
Watch CPU Temperature
Movie: Solyaris
Samba: Guest Access
Static IP on NetBSD
Skype: Input not Properly Detected
GNOME, Folders Being opened with Audio Player
Spring cleaning, 2014!
Movie: Dark City
Ditching a Smart Phone was a Smart Idea
Movie: Her
Gnome Shell: Small UI Corrections
Movie: Brazil
Movie: Nochnoy dozor, Dnevnoy dozor


Send a process to the background
tmux commands
nouvea PRAMIN flush timeout
Create Bootable GNU/Linux USB Key with dd
Movie: Ivanovo detstvo
Movie: Ballada o soldate
Ubuntu: ...udev is unconfigured
ACPI: Core revision 20060707
Delay during a SSH connection
PlayOnLinux: Fix the iCCP Warning
Recursive Upload to FTP
Ukraine: Lviv, Kyiv / September 2013
Movie: Operatsiya Y ...
Play The Settlers 6 on GNU/Linux
Static Blog Generators
Movie: Plan 9 from Outer Space
Movie: Elena
Movie: Brilliantovaya ruka
Movie: The Guard
Movie: Letyat zhuravli
Remove Unused Packages (Arch)
Set Static IP on Debian
Movie: Stalker
Movie: THX 1138
Movie: Zerkalo
Movie: Soylent Green
About Facebook (Application on Android)
Running Two Firefox Profiles in Parallel
(Too) Many Dictionaries in Firefox
Download Videos with CLI
The terrible YouTube (UX)
Renaming multiple files
Convert .bin to .iso without .cue
Botanicula on GNU/Linux
Xfce Workflow
Skype in CLI
Listen to music with Ncmpcpp
Felix Felicis Workflow
Useful cURL commands
Use chroot to update Ubuntu
Felix Felicis Basic Commands
virtualenv for Python
Internet Radio From Terminal
Infinality font rendering on Arch


Install npm + packages
/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory
Apache2: Could not Determine Domain Name
PHP Timezone Warning
Website as an Application
Users and Groups Management
Zen Prompt
Display Settings With xrandr
A Complete GNOME 3 Desktop in Ubuntu 12.1
Apache Password Protected Directories
Way Too Slow Sendmail


Italy: Venice / March 2011
Ukraine: Lviv / April 2011