Download Videos with CLI

We can use a small command-line program called youtube-dl for this purpose. The program is able to download videos (individual and whole playlists) from YouTube and many other websites.

But first of all, why would you actually need this? Here’s couple (probably not all) of reasons:

  • the YouTube UX ain’t exactly the best,
  • traveling to no-internet areas,
  • care about your privacy (conditionally),
  • making a personal archive,
  • remixing,
  • don’t wanna use non-free software.

Install youtube-dl with:

$ yaourt youtube-dl

See available options:

$ youtube-dl -h

Download a video:

youtube-dl -f [FORMAT] http://VIDEO_URL
# Example
$ youtube-dl -f 44

To see the available formats:

youtube-dl -F http://VIDEO_URL
# Example
$ youtube-ld -F