Play The Settlers 6 on GNU/Linux

Beside part two, the settlers 6 is my favorite settlers game. To run it on GNU/Linux is a little bit tricky. As a matter of fact, to this point I was sure it’s impossible, as I was experiencing heavy problems with texture rendering, making the game pretty much unplayable.

Today I somehow randomly found a solution for this problem. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install the game from your DVD
  2. Edit (or add to) the registry (use regedit): CURRENT_USERSoftwareWineAppDefaultsSettlers6.exeDirect3D set:
    • "OffscreenRenderingMode"="fbo"
    • "VideoMemorySize"="256"
  3. Allow game to be updated to the version 1.7.1
  4. Download and apply NO-DVD fix, for version 1.5.4

For me, so far everything looks good and running smooth with all graphics options set to high.