Ubuntu, Disable Extended Display

The first beta of the elementary OS Freya became available not so long time ago, and I’ve decided to give it a try. It replaced Ubuntu on my HP notebook, and the result was altogether positive, especially for a software which is in the beta phase.

There was one annoying problem though: although I have no secondary display connected, it got automatically enabled. I could disable it in the control panel, but after the reboot, it got enabled again. The result of this was a flickering mouse cursor, which could escape to the wast invisible area where the secondary display supposed to be.

To be fair, I had a problem of this nature in Ubuntu too though there, once I disabled it, the setting sticked through reboots.

To overcome this on elementary OS, I’ve created xorg.confg file and set the secondary display to be ignored.

First, I’ve grabbed a display ID:

$ xrandr | grep " connected"

In my case the ID was LVDS-1-1.

I’ve created /etc/X11/xorg.cong file, with the following content:

Section "Monitor":
    Identifier  "LVDS-1-1"
    Option      "Ignore" "true"

After this, as it would be expected, the secondary display completely disappeared from the control panel.