A catalog of trips to nearby and faraway destinations. I intend not to bore you with various details, rather I'll paint a picture of inner and outer happenings. This, in the first place, will be an exercise in written expression, exploration of inner world, and a sentimental journal for my future self to come back to. Naturally I welcome you to explore, tough I must warn, the aforementioned picture, might be an abstract one.

Monaco; Menton, France 6.3.2020-9.3.2020
Kyiv, Ukraine 17.02.2020-19.02.2020
Bratislava, Slovakia 27.11.2019-28.11.2019
Zagreb, Croatia 27.05.2019-28.05.2019
Villach, Austria 13.12.2018-14.12.2018
Bratislava, Slovakia 21.10.2018-22.10.2018
Hungary [?] 5.8.2018
Villach, Austria 25.3.2018
Balkans 8.6.2015-11.6.2015
Moscow, Russia 25.3.2015-28.3.2015-?
Kyiv, Ukraine 28.9.2013-1.10.2013
Straden, Austria 23.4.2012
Pisa, Italy ?-?
Fez, Monacco 7.4.2013-11.4.2013
Salzburg, Austria 10.2.2013
Venice, Italy 18.12.2012
Dublin, Ireland 29.7.2012-7.4.2013
Bratislava, Slovakia; Wienna, Austria 21.7.2012
Malaga, Spain 18.7.2012-21.7.2012
Dublin, Ireland 15.6.2012-17.7.2012
Paris, France 13.6.2012-16.6.2012
Ehningen, Germany 30.5.2012-1.6.2012
Cambodia 20.9.2011-10.10.2011-?
Kyiv, Ukraine 10.9.2011-10.9.2011-?
Triest, Italy 4.9.2011
Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria 2.9.2011
Varaždin, Croatia 9.8.2011
Krk, Croatia 28.7.2011
Budapest, Hungary 7.7.2011
Dublin, Ireland 29.5.2011-8.6.2011 ?
Venice, Italy 5.5.2011-7.5.2011
Lviv, Ukraine 7.4.2011-9.4.2011