Felix Felicis Basic Commands

Installation and Setup

Install liquidluck (Felix Felicis) and tornado (if need live reload) through pip:

# pip install liquidluck
# pip install tornado

Initialize a new project:

$ liquidluck init

Create post:

$ nano content/hello-world.md

Run testing server (if you installed tornado):

$ liquidluck server


Common meta (I’ve added source, which I’m accessing in temple with {{post.source}}:

# Felix Felicis Basic Commands

- slug: felix-felicis-basic-commands
- source: http://liquidluck.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
- date: 2013-03-25
- tags: www-dev


Felix Felicis supports webhook, when you push to GitHub (or BitBucket), your blog can generate itself.

$ liquidluck webhook start -p 9876

On GitHub head over to your blog source repo admin and select Service Hooks, add url in following format:


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