Movie: Ballada o soldate

Drama, Romance, War | Grigoriy Chukhray | Soviet Union | 1959 | IMDB

A Red Army soldier tries to make it home during a leave, meeting several civilians on his way and falling in love. While set during World War II, Ballad of a Soldier is not primarily a war film. It recounts, within the context of the turmoil of war, various kinds of love: the romantic love of a young couple, the committed love of a married couple, and a mother’s love of her child.

I say memorable moments, occasionally funny, interesting story, good acting.

Furthermore Despite the heavy message, this movie is quite light to watch. Elements of love story, comedy and horrors of the war are mixed without disturbing each other. This give some special impact, as we’re not witnessing heavy story with depressed and desperate people, but rather main characters are young, full of life and dreams, bright and happy. In the end, that’s what emphasizes the horror of war. It’s not the flesh we see dying, but dreams, youth and life itself.

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