Movie: Elena

Drama | Andrey Zvyagintsev | Russia | 2011 | IMDB

Elena must hatch a desperate plan, when her potential inheritance is threaten by a sudden illness and an unexpected reunion.

I say visually beautiful, interesting quiet atmosphere, good acting, nice music, a bit too slow at times, rather annoying ending.

Updated on Oct 14, 2017:

While some people wrote that Elena is basically loving character who just wanted to provide for her kids, I do not see her in such way. Neither do I see her husband, Vladimir, as a cold character. He took her in, offered her a lot in a material sense, and it seems in emotional too. Her part of the deal was to take care of him, to perhaps even love him. In the end, he promise her pension so that she won’t need to suffer after he’s gone, but still, that wasn’t enough.

Spoilers: she’s an example of, initially, unsuccessful person, turning into a murderer, driven into a crime by greed and ideas of entitlement. She was clearly unable to raise her son when he was a child, nothing indicates that big amount of money could change anything in his life now that he’s grownup. While Vladimir’s daughter is spoiled, at least she seems honest and intelligent. Elena’s son is drunk, stupid and lazy.

That’s the tragic end, though unfortunately not part of the movie: her crime was in vain, there’s no easy fixes. Moving to a better district, does not cure alcoholism, laziness, nor does it make you smarter. Her soon is doomed, so is she. Would the truth be served, her family would be dismantled and destroyed. Just another example of her brilliant thinking.

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