Running Two Firefox Profiles in Parallel

I’m using two profiles in Firefox with different Add-ons and configurations. I have one profile for casual browsing and another for development purposes and both can run in parallel.

First thing I’ve done I added the second profile. I’ve run Firefox with following command, to display profile manager:

$ firefox -P

Through GUI I’ve added the second profile, named it Developer and saved it to the suggested location. I’ve also renamed the default profile from default to Default (I’ve just capitalized it).

Finally I’ve added shortcuts, that wasn’t hard since I’m using dmenu:

I’ve created developer script in /usr/bin

# nano /usr/bin/ffdev

… with following content:

firefox -no-remote -P "Developer"

I’ve made it executable:

# chmod +x /usr/bin/ffdev

Second, I’ve created default script, by copying developer:

# cp /usr/bin/ffdev /usr/bin/ffdef

Finally I’ve edited ffdef with nano and changed its content to:

firefox -no-remote -P "Default"

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