Blackwell Series

Some time ago, Wadjet Eye Games offered beta version of Gemini Rue, to GNU/Linux users for bug testing.

I did not know Wadjet Eye Games prior to that, neither what kind of a game Gemini Rue is, but, I had some time on my hands and I’ve tried it. With unique visual style, good voice acting and interesting story, the game greatly exceeded my expectations. On top of everything, I haven’t noticed any bugs whatsoever.

Gemini Rue

Since this was such a superb product, I became curious about other games by Wadjet Eye, so I’ve decide to buy Primordia and Blackwell Bundle. There wasn’t Linux versions available, but I’ve took a risk in hope they’ll run fine in Wine — which they did.



Primordia disapointed a little bit. Brown color palete did not work particularly well with low resolution and the story is rather forgetable.

Blackwell Series, on the other hand, became my true love; an enchanting and unique story, great humor, a distinct visual style, interesting characters and dialogs. I’ve felt once again, like in the good old days, when I was playing The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Broken Sword. Though less frustrated. Indeed, if you’d ask me now that I’ve finished the final game in the series, I’d put Blackwell above all those classics.


I still have hope that there will be continuation of the series, but even if not, I’ll keep my eye on other Wadjet Eye Games.

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