Today I rewrote and renamed my PHP Console Application. I’ve switched from Python to Vala. Again, this is just an experimentation, and a fun way to spend a slow and lazy Sunday – this one was especially slow because I’ve slept only couple of hours, drank big coffee in the early morning and then start programing. I was somewhere between awake and sleep – zombie state.

Despite my state, the translation from Python to Vala was really easy, and I’ve made it quite fast, I had less problems than I expected and I can say I like Vala so far.

When done with programming, I’ve start playing with icons, and I’ve come up with a design you see above. It’s made in Inkscape and needs some improvements, but to be honest whole application does.

I’ve also added a proper build system (using cmake), following tutorial on elementary OS website. That turned out more tricky than I expected but I’ve manage at the end.

I’ve pushed the code to Launchpad, in hope that I could make an Debian (Ubuntu) package, but the thing did not build, unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t have (yet) the latest GTK (the one with HeaderBar element).

I did manage to build it on elementary OS though, and it works and looks quite nicely:

Finally I’ve also added an AUR package which was super easy to produce and publish and it works good. So now I can (and you too if you want) install the application with yaourt evalify.

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