Gnome Shell: Small UI Corrections

I’d like to address two issues in this post: indicators spacing and odd-looking Workspace Indicator.

Here’s the before and after comparison:

I’m using the DefaultMod 3.8 theme (works also on 3.10), which looks a bit more professional than the default. However the theme by itself doesn’t eliminate the problems mentioned above.

For indicator spacing edit the following file ~/.themes/DefaultMod-3.8/gnome-shell.css (assuming you’re using DefaultMod theme), and add at the end:

.panel-button {
    -natural-hpadding: 8px;
    -minimum-hpadding: 4px;

For the Workspace Indicator style, I pushed my modifications to the GitHub, so you can clone: to the following folder: ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/.

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