Half-Life 2 on GNU/Linux

I’m not a big fan of FPS genre, but Half-Life I do like, I’ve played it soon after the release (I’m talking about the sequel here), back in 2005, and loved it. It’s probably the only FPS I’ve finished.

After almost ten years I gave it another go. This time on Linux and with both episodes. I still find it highly entertaining, although it sometimes feels a little bit like being on a railway tracks: you’re always moving in one predefined path with not much (or any) choice of walking around freely and doing things your own way. By the weapons available or the amount of medkits, you can predict the amount of and the type of action waiting for you.

Another thing I didn’t appreciate were dialogs (or better call them monologues) and attempts of romance, which are somehow boring, almost comedic, considering that the main character will not say a single word though the whole game.

But all this can be forgiven, as level designs, environments and enemies are diverse and interesting. There’s also plenty of action, with well done AI. Weapons are another thing which is definitely well thought out. The difficulty is just right (I’ve played on Medium) – there are challenges but nothing what would drive you insane. On top of that, the game still looks very nice, and the whole experience is smooth and enjoyable.

The game is well worth the money they’re asking (you can get it really cheap on Steam), it runs natively on Linux, with no problems at all.

I’m (as many people) looking forward for continuation of the series hopefully in a near future. Considering Valve is behind Steam, and the fact that they’re pushing SteamOS, I think we need not to worry whether Half-Life 3 will be available for Linux. Au contraire, for a while rumors were circulating, that it might be Linux exclusive, but those were since refuted.

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