Movie: Happiness

Comedy, Drama | Todd Solondz | USA | 1998 | IMDB

The lives of many individuals connected by the desire for happiness, often from sources usually considered dark or evil.

I say human sexuality in most deformed ways, is the center point of this movie. We’re presented with tragic characters, like a pedophile and a murderer, but the movie does not try to demonize them. All characters are portrayed in such way, we can somehow relate to them. For example a pedophile, have a normal job, family, and seems really regular and average. What all character have in common is loneliness, feelings of being lost and disoriented, desire for affection and to be understood. Those are things we can sympathize with, and hence find ourselves outside binary perception of good versus bad.

Although movies like this might be emotionally challenging, I feel we should see them more often, as they might help us drop simplistic dichotomous perception of the world.

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