Movie: Her

Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi | Spike Jonze | USA | 2013 | IMDB

A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

I say this movie is not fast moving, does not contain a lot of action, neither is a demonstration of a futuristic operating system, or society. It’s mostly just a dialog! And that’s fine. The OS it’s just a tool, to tell a story, which we’ve seen before. It’s essentially a story about artificial intelligence, become self-aware.

Spoilers ahead!

The AI in this movie fall in love with a person, and later, people. The evolution process of the system is interesting and in this context, believable. We see how it start becoming aware, at the beginning curious, then showing low emotions like jealousy, insecurities and feelings of inferiority — which later actually turn into feelings of superiority. The speed with which the system is evolving is super fast, and in a very short time surpass humans, together with this sphere of existence.

The second interesting point is the love story, which somehow reflects times we live in now. Isolation and inability to communicate with each other. Lots of modern relationships are already happening through some form of technology. People already meet each other and indeed, fall in love, through the internet. This just emphases idea which predates modern technology, that initially we fall in love with a perception of a person, not person itself. That we project much of our hopes and dreams into someone, we’ve just meet.

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