Movie: Solyaris

Drama, Sci-Fi | Andrei Tarkovsky | Soviet Union | 1972 | IMDB

The film is a meditative psychological drama occurring mostly aboard a space station orbiting the fictional planet Solaris. The scientific mission has stalled out because the meager skeleton crew of three scientists have fallen into separate emotional crises. Psychologist Kris Kelvin travels to the Solaris space station to evaluate the situation only to encounter the same mysterious phenomenon as the others.

I say dreamy, mysterious, poetic, artistic.

Furthermore! The movie has a slow moving dreamy atmosphere, typical in all Tarkovsky’s works. This is not pure entertainment where you can switch your brain off – au contraire, you must take time for it and (mentally) cooperate.

It’s not the most challenging of Tarkovsky’s movies though. The story (based on a novel written by Stanislaw Lem) is actually relatively easy to comprehend. It still is layered and deep though, there’s definitely more to it than you can comprehend on first viewing.

The book has couple of adaptations, one of them is 2002 film directed by Steven Soderbergh, starring George Clooney.

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