Xfce Workflow 2

I wrote a little bit about Xfce workflow in past, but here’s more, including some videos.


I prefer minimalistic setup, so there’s no icons, no docks and only one panel at the bottom of the primary monitor. The panel contain Workspace Switcher, Windows Buttons, clock, audio mixer and notification area.

Secondary monitor contain only Conky, which is setup to show date, time and weather.


For windows borders (Gtk2, Qt) I’m using modified version of 4dyne, for everything else, slightly modifier version of Numix Solarized. You can get the 4dyne.mod here and Numix Solarized.mod here

As you can see, windows have no controls and no title, as I feel those are completely unnecessary. Window title, e.g. what window does, or to which application it belongs, can be easily recognized from the content. As for controls, for closing right click, close can be used, for minimizing, right click, minimize, and for maximizing, double click on window border.

In general I’m not opening, closing or moving applications much. I have multiple workspaces, with common applications always running, tiled across two monitors.

Application Launcher

To launch applications and preform some other tasks I’m using xfce4-appfinder. I’ve bind it to Super+Space key combination so that it’s easily accessible. I gave it a dark theme (create ~./gtkrc-2.0 with such content this will theme panels too).


I have four workspaces, each serving a special purpose:

I can add and remove workspaces easily with application launcher (AL); for example to N, in case N not there, it will be created. To remove a workspace, AL close N can be used, where N is the number of workspaces to be removed (for example N=1 would remove the last workspace).

Windows Managing

I’ve added couple of costume shortcuts, to position windows as I desire. The most interesting are probably those which resize window to 1/4, for which a costume script is used. You can find it here, but you’ll have to modify it to fit your setup.

As you can see AL is used a lot, with costume commands, which I think are self descriptive enough. If you’re curious about center, see the script I’ve posted above.

Windows Finding

The easy way to jump to a particular window on any workspace is to use AL to WINDOW_NAME, the same can be done (as mentioned above) to jump to a particular workspace to N_WORKSPACE.

In the video bellow, I go to inna, which will check for a window which contains inna in the title, and focus it. In the same way I go to ljubljana at the end of the video, which focus music player, with Ljubljana song playing. Unfortunately, it’s not visible in the video, because it’s on the secondary monitor.

If you’re curious about the script, you can find it here. Costume action is added to AL, with the following pattern:

^to (.*) ?([0-9]+)?$

…and command: /path/to/script/to.sh 1 2.

Other Commands

There’s a bunch of other commands I’m using, please see my dotfiles on GitHub, check the scripts folder, and open each script for description. Check config folder also, which contains full AL configuration in xfce4-appfinder.xml file.

Some more examples…


Notify with sound, and a costume message, which is displayed after desired amount of time.

Update, SSH, Translate

For upgrading I’ve set alias, upme with yaourt -Syua; sudo paccache -r; sudo paccache -ruk0.

Translate is costume application shortcut set in Chromium. I’ve set such shortcuts for Yandex Mail, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Vk.

I’ve added bookmark in Thunar, to auto-mount SSH location (the video clip played at the end).

Half-Life 2

Finally a little bit of Half-Life 2, just for fun …

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