Daily Wallpaper from Yandex Images

Yandex Images feature a fresh image each day, which can be downloaded and set as a wallpaper.

I’ve create a small script which will do this task for me automatically on Xfce4. You can find it on GitLab in my dot-files-etc repository.

Settings can, and of course should, be changed. Above all check pic_dir. In theory other service than Yandex Images can be used, see service if you’re interested.

Why am I using while loop + sleep, rather than cron? Well, not that there are any performance differences, the truth is, this was just easier for me, as I can hold the whole state in memory, rather than writing it to files.

Also, there’s no cron implementations installed on Arch by default; the suggested way of doing this would be systemd/Timers, … honestly, I have no desire writing unit files for such a simple matter.


After using this script for a while, I must say I really adore Yandex’s images and am happy to see Slovenia being among them from time to time. Two changes I’ve made since I’ve published this script are:

  1. I’ve added offset so that bottom copyright statement is hidden (as my panel, which would normally cover it, is on top); that might not completely agree with the law, sorry. I do use this only as a background on my personal computer, and that statement was an ugly distraction.
  2. I was often really curious where a photo was taken, so I decided to add description, which I grab from Yandex Images page, and add it on the bottom of the wallpaper.
  3. I’m using LED light strip on my table, so for a while I’ve applied background color from a wallpaper to it. I was setting color of each led diode individually, which meant I had to slice wallpaper to 30 segments and extract color from each segment individually. I was not happy with colors changing daily, so I’m not doing that anymore. I’ll write more about LED lights and how to control them from desktop in future.

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