Movie: L'année dernière à Marienbad

Drama, Mystery | Alain Resnais | France, Italy | IMDB

In a strange chateau, a man insists to a woman that they have met before.

I say this is an art film, a subjective experience which for, if you’re to enjoy it fully, you’ll have to allow yourself to be submerged into it. Perhaps switch logical part of your brain off, and experience it as an abstract painting; permit your mind and thoughts to be slowly woven into a rich tapestry of it, take a step back only at the end, seeing the final result. How it affected you, perhaps should be more important than what was your logical interpretation of it, and weather such interpretation is indeed a correct one.

Interpretations therefore are not to be attempted for my side, my personal feeling being, so much I’ll permit myself to say, these characters left this realm of existence, finding themselves in a deceitful, unreal word, with nothing concrete, nothing discernible which would allow them to understand where in time and space, if at all, do they exists. Their romance, the need to go, is the only focal point, though even this point is rather blur. Was it really a romance, where shall they go?

Though its setting being rather dark, film affected me in a positive way and I do recommend it. Before you see it though, prepare yourself for a different experience, especially if you’re not watching many movies of such a type. Perceive it more as a musical piece, rather than a movie; in music we permit our senses to guide us, need to analyze words usually being at the end of priorities. If you see it with such mindset, I’m rather sure you’ll enjoy it.

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