Happy 2018

With a slight delay, I wish you all a happy 2018. Let it be purposeful, let it be an adventure, which indeed can be challenging, yet rewarding.

In these turbulent times, let’s reminds ourselves that there’s still a lot of good in this world; at the same time, let’s remind ourselves that we, for our own good and good of others, must be strong, truthful, that we must strive for highest values, that we must do good for our mind, good for our body and good for our soul. That we must strive to be worth of this wonderful gift, that is life. That we must strive to materialize our chaotic inner potential.

Although it might be challenging, remember that good character is build with small deeds. That indeed degeneracy, which we’re almost encourage to embrace, start and materialize with unnoticeable acts and decisions. So indeed, cultivate strong and honest character, cultivate healthy body, and indeed realize that there’s greatness in you, that there’s unbreakable, undeniable spirit, though often denied, oppressed and ignored. Hear it, liberate it, embrace it!

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